Sold in three packs, the smooth round design makes rolling cigarettes, joints and blunts easy for both the novice and advanced smoker. Jay Tips are the new standard in smoking culture.
Shown rolled up in Pure Hemp rolling paper, and a Zig Zag blunt wrap, our Jay Rider one of our most versatile borosilicate glass rolling tips.
A single Jay Rider, the all round tips makes rolling cigarettes, joints and blunts easier, and the smoking experience more enjoyable.

Jay Rider 3-pack


The Jay Rider provides a clean, smooth smoking experience. For rolling up your day-to-day smoke, or for rolling big on those festive occasions with others, the Jay Rider is your go-to tip. A classic improvement over old paper crutches, offering an easy to roll upgrade for an elevated smoking experience.  Roll the finest product with Jay Tips premier reusable glass.