How To Roll a Joint with a Glass Tip

People ask us all the time, How do you roll a joint with Jay Tips? Jay Tips are designed to fit inside any joint or blunt paper for an elevated smoking experience. The Colorado Crutch design helps beginners at rolling up to focus on packing and molding the final smoke, making it easier for people to roll up glass tips for their favorite smoking pleasure. Whether you roll by hand or machine, Jay Tips ensure that you'll enjoy the finest quality smoke with every hit. The Colorado Crutch makes rolling the perfect cone cigarette a breeze every time. 

Throw away the old paper crutches and join the Jay Tips community of connoisseurs who are always elevated To Higher Consciousness.

Watch our video to see how our crew rolls a joint with a glass tip, featuring our newest style, the Colorado Crutch.  

How To Roll a Joint with Jay Tips Colorado Crutch  

How To Clean

Jay Tips are easy to clean and always re-usable. To clean your Jay Tips, simply soak for a few hours in a mix of water and isopropyl alcohol, then rinse with clean water. If you prefer not to use alcohol, you can also soak your Jay Tips in salt water and scrub through the inside with a pipe cleaner.