Jay Philosophy

At Jay Tips, we are passionate about elevating our experience To Higher Consciousness and sharing with others in the spirit of community. We are a community of freethinkers, created by the blending of multiple minds into one vision. 

Everyone benefits, everyone wins, everyone is elevated, everyone has fun - that's what we at Jay Tips are about.

We believe in the power of community to uplift individuals, support movements, and build new realities. We want to be on the leading edge with others, like you, who are elevating their experiences through their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical investments. As any one of us climbs, we all are elevated. More than a smoking accessory, Jay Tips represent a new standard in smoking culture brought to you by a Colorado community of social and spiritual radicals.

Everyone Has Fun     Everyone Is Elevated    Everyone Benefits

Share your philosophy of community with us by sending us pics of how you and your tribe roll with Jay Tips. Email your pics to jaycommunity@jaytips.com and we'll post them on our upcoming Jay Community webpage.