Jay Tips are premier reusable glass rolling tips designed to elevate your smoking experience by delivering the smoothest, tastiest, and finest smoke available. Check out our styles below and get ready to experience a new standard in smoking culture.


Jay Rider classic glass rolling tipOur classic Jay Rider provides a clean, smooth smoking experience. For rolling up your day-to-day smoke or rolling big for those festive occasions with friends, the Jay Rider is your go-to tip. 

Jay Pure cigar-tip glass rolling tipOur Jay Pure has a smooth flattened edge for a comfortable feel. Inspired by the cigar tip of yesteryear, the Jay Pure adds sophistication to your smoking experience.


Jay Roller cone-shaped glass rolling tip Our Jay Roller, aka the Colorado Crutch is our one-of-a-kind tapered design made for rolling up the perfect cone cigarette. The Colorado Crutch makes the art of rolling a joint easy for the novice and a true joy for the seasoned smoker. Throw away those old paper crutches and experience smoking the way it's meant to be enjoyed! For those who like efficiency, our Colorado Crutch also works great in cigarette cone rolling machines.  

Jay Baller large glass rolling tip for joints and bluntsOur Jay Baller features a curvy design made for smokers who live large and want a tip to match. This tip easily rolls into standard joint and blunt papers, providing a phat joint for all you serious smokers. 



Jay Boss extra large glass rolling tip for joints and bluntsOur Jay Boss is designed for smokers who like to Go Big or Go Home. Our #1 party favorite is perfect for sharing with friends. This tip also doubles as a one-hitter bowl, and is available in multiple colors.

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